Buttermilk Crusty Fried Chicken


 There is a wide variety of fried chicken that you can get from fast food restaurants and star hotels. Most of us are familiar with the regular nadan spicy chicken fry prepared at our home kitchen. Here is an amazing recipe to prepare juicily-spicy-crispy fried chicken at the convenience of your home. All kids and

Baked Fish Sticks No Cheese


 This is a fish sticks recipe with a¬†spicy twist. No cheese is used. This recipe consists of using salmon, you can also try meat of any other fish – No bones or skin. Serve it to your kids sometimes they will just love it with ketchup or mayo. Print Fish Sticks No Cheese Baked fish

Kadumanga | Manga Achar | Spicy Mango Pickle | Kerala Style


  Print Kadumanga | Manga Achar | Spicy Mango Pickle | Kerala Style Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 20 minutes Ingredients Raw mango – 4 nos chopped (washed & drained ) Salt – 2 tsp Garlic – 15 nos cut into half lenghthwise Ginger – 1 ” piece chopped Curry