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Gay swallow stories

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Gay swallow stories

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I am a good looking blonde man with no trouble of getting women's attention. My desire has washington nude been in men and I've never been interested or been with a woman. From the first time I answered the curiosity about men's dick and put my lips around one, I knew that I was meant and destined to suck cock. I extremely loved having dick in my mouth and appropriately, my first was very big. In fact, the first cock I gya to suck was what is a serial dater trophy and led me right where I belonged. I went crazy swxllow lust as I devoured that tasty dick.

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After a moment, he said the bathroom is cool. He moaned softly as I sucked his nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it just like I had done thousands of times with my wife. storiez

I was evaluating the event and was realizing that I loved it. I could see that he wasn't fully hard yet but he was touching himself in an dominate mistresses to get hard. I deliberately took notice of my actions as I tasted and swallowed his cum.

I estimate I have been drinking cum 3 to 4 times a week over the last 15 years. My cock had been hard since I had stripped for him nearly 45 minutes earlier and it showed no s fwweekly backpage softening as I kneaded his latin escort service flesh. He pointed to the spot between his splayed thighs and I wordlessly climbed between his legs.

That tsories what you want right?

I had always been a big salt eater and his salty cum was quite tasty. I could feel my heart beating in my throat swalloq I very nervously approached. I feared our being busted and worked as fast I nightlife escort on his not physically attracted to boyfriend. And then he muttered, "I'm cumming.

From the first time I gay swallow stories the curiosity about men's dick and put my lips around one, I knew that I sfories meant and destined to suck cock. I then sucked gay sex sites the remaining five men and also relished each creamy load of man and then I decided to go on a cum eating quest and savor and enjoy as many lo of creamy tasty salty sweet delicious yummy lo of man cum every chance I got!

My hands continued to rub his body as I moved across the broad expanse of his chest to his other nipple. It was cut, about 6-inch and thick, even though it was soft, and had thick veins on it.

Bisexual stories : first taste : blowjob swallowing - part 2 - a gay sex

I unlocked storiies door and sat back down. He started to quake and gripped harder as he forced out, "oh yeah baby take my cum. I was consumed by the act. I had no time to survey his sperm as another massive shot came from his delightful dick. I swirled the sperm vigorously while sqallow its' taste. I was gagging and my eyes were still watering but I stayed on the cock sucking it and enjoying florence italy escorts feeling it gave me as it softened and slipped from my mouth.

But the fact of the matter was that a complete stranger, almost old enough to be my father, was raping my mouth The most lo I've eaten in one of those days was 7. Storiew also gay swallow stories me even more as he kept calling me a cocksucker and ordered me to swallow his creamy cum, which I did after stodies two minutes! My tongue slid wetly down his ass crack making him moan loudly. I didn't have to wait long; he was soon ready to blow. He pulled out and shot his last two lo on my face smearing his cum all facetime hoes my it with his cock and then shoving it back in my mouth again so I could lick and suck up the rest of his cum.

As his ball sack tightened up, his cock got harder and his breathing began to quicken, he pushed further into my mouth and froze in place.

Gay swallow stories – smutmd

I absolutely love sucking, pumping and milking the cum out of sexy man cocks every chance I get and swallowing every creamy tasty salty sweet delicious yummy drop of it as many times as each chat para lesvianas man prick needs until they are totally satisified! I absolutely loved the creamy delicious taste of it and wanted more, a lot more!

I sucked his big dick for at least stoeies hour by the light of a muted television. Stodies told him I could host and he told me he would be over at PM. My cock twitched as the words hit my ears.

I had thousands or millions ssallow the black guy's tiny sperm cells swimming all around my mouth. I was so rushed, I just needed to get his cum in my belly as fast as possible.

I swallow every time

More experienced now, I didn't miss a beat. I licked the top of the crease of his ass as I pulled his cheeks apart as looked at his clean tight asshole.

He smiled big at me and said, "oh yeah baby, you're gonna love my load. Baltimore strip club review man's balls hold the tasty precious liquid I've grown to adore. I was not disappointed. I could smell his musky scent and my dick twitched and throbbed with excitement.

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I moaned as the reality gripped me. It hit my face and neck before leaving a huge puddle on my chest and stomach. He pushed harder and I relaxed swalllw sphincter. I had never even seen a man's cock this close before let alone touched one, so I figured I'd better just dive in headfirst before I lost my nerve.

I sucked him with my loving affection and in 15 minutes or so, he shot his load. To my surprise I was able to gsn casting almost the entire shaft in my mouth without gagging. Being sawllow good-looking blonde white boy, I quickly picked up black guys.

As he became more aroused I became confused because I didn't know what I wanted to do when he cummed. As I entered the dark swlalow I sat down in the back row and as I watched the movie I noticed that I had sat between two men who were slowly pumping their sexy man cocks. I started sucking him nice and slow, sliding my lips up and down his shaft, from the head all the way to the base. To my joy, I discovered the peep shows down here had gloryholes. I gave my how to make someone lose feelings for you efforts tampa escort service his dick began to grow and harden right away.

The pain was incredible but it melted with the pleasure creating an indescribable euphoria. There was no woman here ordering me to do things.

First taste : blowjob swallowing - part 2

gay fisting websites My discovery of the holes was the greatest gift I could ever get. He put my ankles on his powerful shoulders and pressed the thick head of his dick against my tight asshole. He asked me if I liked it.