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My wife cuckold me

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My wife cuckold me

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Not yet. This is my first time posting here. And I feel kinda nervous even just posting about such a topic.

Age: 37
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Am Looking Sex Contacts
City: West Frankfort, Mercersburg, Mukwonago, Lacona
Hair: Long with tendrils
Relation Type: Married And Wanting To Try Something Frisky

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Women think differently than men, especially married womenand the key word here is married.

My wife wants me to become a cuckold. i'm confused. : cuckold

She needs to feel sexy again. I've been married to my wife [32 F] for the past 4 years. She wants to turn me into a cuckold. If you engage her in the activities that I have suggested, then she is thinking about it.

How to get your wife to cuckold you - free first time story on

You will not be giving her the cock she needs anymore, so you will have give her other things in the marriage, cuckboy. Think of the cuckold lifestyle as nothing more than recreational sex with other men, not you!. Encourage her to go out on her own or with some girlfriends and come back and fantasize with asian massage colorado springs that she got picked up by another man.

So get used to it. I would appreciate your insight and guidance, guys. Women are taught to nurture the relationship, not destroy it by fucking other men.

That would give me a little idea about how it all feels. For example, my wife and I could start with her dancing a little flirtatiously at a club with a stranger of her choice while I watch. She has never outright rejected wifr sexual desire of mine e.

Comments, suggestions, inquiries, warnings, analysis of any kind regarding anything is very much welcome. To be honest this cuckold fantasy cuckolld me a little jealous. At first I was meet horny little dumbfounded how vividly she laid out her fantasies. If the only cock that she has had is your little 4 inch dick then I suggest something around 8 inches.

Encourage her to flirt with other men. I'm a 39 year old man.

I'm white. Ask her if you can post some photo's of her right here on xhamster. How do you suggest I begin testing myself? Thanks in advance!

My wife make me a cuckold

It is a process in her mind and during that process many hurdles have to dmt tips overcome mentally. She hopes at the end of it all I'd be ready to turn into a cuckold.

My wife is a vivacious woman. Show her some videos here on xhamster; let her see how other sluts enjoy bigger cocks. locanto seattle


Edit: I just told my wife about this post and she seems all excited about what feedback I might get. Women are devious and it takes a while for us dating in mn tell our wifd what we really are thinking. This is where you guys come in. Take the fantasy a step further. She needs to feel desired and wanted by other men.

If you guys could provide more naughty but non-sexual scenarios, I would really appreciate it. This is my first time posting here.

Word the profile properly start out by saying something like "New to the lifestyle, married but looking". Get a digital camera or a smartphone and start taking pictures of her all dressed up.

Most of the cuckold wannabes really do not want legit work at it. You must start communicating and a cuckold relationship takes more work than a normal one.

If she cuckolds you, there will be plenty of work m do, cuckold! It took me a while to let it sink in that my wife really wants me to become kaylani lei escort cuckold. Get used to spending money on her, when she takes a lover you will spend plentyon hotel rooms, clothes, etc. Not yet.

Insane cuckold with my wife -

If you are not willing to work at it then give it up!!!! My wife is half Italian, half Costarican. Help me out. See if you get any responses from other men.