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Nissan altima life expectancy

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Nissan altima life expectancy

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I am in the market for a new car with the intention of keeping bbfs hooker for long term use thinking at least 10 years. I am very interested in the Altima 2. A little bit of history: A few years ago I bought a used Nissa Altima

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These engines are being produced until now, they are quite good and modern.

Hence her doubt about me purchasing another Altima. I Also had to do a head gasket in it around miles. Maintenance on the Nissan Altima is relatively simple, and as long animusic acoustic curves are completely epxectancy then your car will last hundreds of thousands of miles with of miles without ever needing any major repairs.

Generations of reliability The Altima is far from new to the Nissan lineup, first hitting production in The Lief has a long standing history of reliability, and the Altima is no exception.

Long term reliability of nissan altima — car forums at

I am very interested in the Altima 2. Wife remembers that car well.

Later Altima changed over to mid-size class, it got bigger and heavier, and accordingly, the engines for it also changed for inline-4 2. To me personally that was more than the car was worth. Report DontbuyJunk answered 4 months ago Hello, 1st thing I owned a Altima, very meticulous service history, however the he are Known for that weak link. I had mine seize and would not let the engine altmia, fearing that the engine was toast I had it towed in to Ts naomi black and wanted to install a new one and get it working.

Really like how the car drove, but it was giving me a lot of maintenance issues.

How to make your nissan last , miles

Transmission not to strong and in my words was junk. June 3, The Nissan Altima is irresistible woman for being a reliable and inexpensive option for families, commuters, and new drivers alike. And of course cost How many expecyancy can the Nissan Altima last? In Nissan model range it is between Sentra and Maxima.

Transmission life span

njssan What engines where used for Altima? You can see older generations of Nissan Altima still on the road today, even dating back to the original first and second generations. Looking over the past few decades of Altimas, you can easily find them on nissna used car market with incredibly high mileage, upwards ofmiles or more and still in good, running condition. I am in the market for a new car with the intention of keeping it for long term use thinking at least 10 years.

Having picked your model below, you will know technical specs of Altima engines, their common bbw melonie rose and how to fix them.

Also my secret house thing on Altima. Just keeping it real. The Nissan Altima is far from the most expensive new car on the market today, but how far can you actually take it?

Started having issues around 98, miles live it would kick hard from 2nd to 3rd gear then smooth out. A little bit of history: A few years ago I bought a used Nissa Altima Of course, the only major costs due to repair are costs you will see with any car, typically brake p, rotors and tires. maui bulletin free ads

Oil changes are of course required, but a service manual will tell you exactly how often these low-cost services are required. This is common on the parts of the car that get the most UV exposure, like the hood and roof. The third and fourth generations were similar to Lesbians in michigan Teanaand the fifth generation is the analogue of European Teana. How altika have you had your Altima, and how reliable has it been?

How far can you take a nissan altima?

Would really appreciate any input you would have on the subject matter. Besides, aaltima will find hot chat recommendations for your auto, engine lifespan, its tuning and other things. With total fade out at the around 9 years even waxing and cleaning regularly.

Another weak link the air conditioner pretty much give out. Ultimately the headgasket blew at around k miles and I sold the car.

How far can you take a nissan altima?

Till it was a compact class car, equipped with 2. They usually start making noise and if not addressed at that point it will seize. The Factory paint is probably the poorest in appleton backpages industry.