Malabar Kayipola – Plantain Cake

Famour iftar dish – Thalassery Style Kaipola. This is our family favorite recipe. We commonly prepare this as a tea snack when there is guest coming. Learn to prepare this delicious Kaipola in this easy to follow step-by-step recipe video and the printable recipe down below.


Malabar Kayipola – Plantain Cake

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

plaintain cake kayipola

Best kayipola recipe


    For fry:
  • Plantain (ripe) - 3 nos small cubes
  • Cashews - 15 nos chopped
  • Raisins - 4 tbsp
  • Oil & Ghee - 6tbsp oil & 2 tsp ghee
    For Whisk:
  • Egg - 4
  • Sugar - 3tbsp
  • Cardamom powder - 1tsp
    For coconut mixture:
  • Coconut shredded - 3/4 cup & 2 tbsp sugar
  • Water - 4tbsp
  • Ghee - 1 tsp
  • Salt - 1 pinch
  • Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp


  1. Heat oil in a medium - sized pan over medium heat
  2. Fry cashews & raisins till it slightly golden brown,transfer to a plate
  3. Add plantain cubes & fry till it slightly golden, flip half way through
  4. Transfer fried plantain to a plate , keep it aside
  5. Transfer left over oil to a small bowl
  6. In a sauce pan heat 2tsp ghee over low - medium heat & cook coconut , sugar , salt in 4tbsp of water for 5 mins, keep aside
  7. Take a deep bottom bowl, whisk egg, sugar, cardamom together with a spatula
  8. Then add fried plantain, cashews , raisins & coconut mixture into the egg mixture, mix well
  9. Heat 2 tsp of ghee in a medium - size deep bottom pan over medium heat
  10. Immediately turn the flame low and pour the entire mixture into the pan
  11. Flatten the top of the mixture with a spatula
  12. Cover with a lid & cook in low flame for 35 minutes
  13. Transfer the pola to a plate
  14. Flip the pola again back to the pan to cook other side for 2 to 3 minutes in low flame
  15. Then transfer to a plate
  16. Enjoy with tea
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