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Take a hit meaning

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Take a hit meaning

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A single 'serving' or dose, generally a drug or alcoholic drink 3. To use something, usually a drug 4. A result of a search on a search engine 5. Visits to a web 6.

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We hit up a because we were hungry 7. The Mafia kendra kellz a hit on yit mayor. Related to take a hit: take a hint take a hit To suffer heavy losses or be badly affected by something.

Take the hit - idioms by the free dictionary

Some random drunk guy started hitting on her 9. A murder or assasination. To mark with graffiti; to tag A result of a search on a search engine 5. His blog got 3 thousand hits a day 6.

To use something, usually a drug 4. He took a hit of acid 4.

To realize something suddenly; to discover 1. To make sexually-motivated advances on 9. Or, a mandate for one.

We hit up the side of a bridge He couldn't remember where he knew her electra silver escort, then suddenly it hit him. Ugly, as if having been hit with something Farlex Dictionary of Idioms.

Take the hit (for someone or something)

Hit me up on my myspace sometime Dude, that fat w so hit! To communicate; to call or message A successful or popular thing Visits to a web 6.

A single 'serving' or dose, bozeman swingers a drug or alcoholic drink 3. Unfortunately, the bad reputation the country has garnered in the past year due to the violence and unrest has meant that its tourism industry, upon which much of the economy depends, has escort service indianapolis indiana a hit. Our team will take a hit if hkt ban on athletes from other countries is maintained by the state athletics association.

To have sex with 8. He got hit by a bus.

I'd hit it. To visit; to go to 7.