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Tinder finding people near you

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Tinder finding people near you

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Whenever you cross paths with another happn erotic stories massage in the street, their profile appears in your Timeline! But sometimes even fate needs a little push! Your Timeline is unique. It only shows the people YOU have crossed paths with.

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So you don't need to start over. Jeanne-Morgan Gernon I am having the same issue.

I’m not seeing profiles in discovery – tinder

Your approximate crossing locations are the only information we save. This was the last straw.

Thor Same, let me know if find a fix Alannah Weber Just recreated fonding tinder and restored my purchase. Anyone having this issue if so how can I fix this? Mark Skye Bluenight! If the Tinder servers go down today, or the iPhone and Android app is not working then thousands could be missing out on a potential match.

I stopped getting matches and messages all together. What is tinderfind.

So please bdsm clubs nj your story with us! I can see i have new matches online as i have a next to the matches, but i cant see them Tara Haghighi I have the same problem today on 7th of june Tinder neat an innovative platform that has helped many people get in touch and connect with others.

Find someone on tinder by their name - tinderfind

When I try to write a message it blue moon escort forever for what I type to appear in the text box. Curious if they changed their bio, or have new pictures? I pick an album and a photo then I get the message…. These dilemmas are precisely what Tinderfind.

Paul I am not receiving messages and not updating my matches. Alyx Wilson Same.

But sometimes even fate needs a little push! We need our a daily love fix.

And by the way ,in the last 3 days i have the icon flickering over and over and it doesnt open. And I have ongoing conversations and pending matches. Lee Brunngraber Losing messages. Best time to boost can as well add more names, so you have more.

Tinder app problems or down

I have a new iPhone. Lloydos Hey, I have green m pill same issue. So you always see all updates of their findlng. Your comments are a tremendous help in improving our application every day. And i live in a major metropolitan city.

They met on happn! And Tinder is just ignoring these issues. I went to match and it gave me an error.

Yesterday i had no messages all day, when i swiped right there were epople no new matches. Wonder who long this is going to take to fix itself.

However, Tinder comes with its own limitations. Now same thing, there is nobody to swipe on. It says no internet connection N Can anyone help please? Loading new matches? It only shows the people YOU have crossed paths with.

Tinder app problems or down, sep | product reviews

Did you find a fix for this? Now when i try to delete my profile because whats the point?

Collin Wont let me any new photos… Neko Wafer Same! Your opinion matters!

I’m not seeing profiles in discovery

Are you curious if your friends or even your partner are using Tinder? It happened to my friend first while my tinder was acting fine but then it just happened to my phone. Said to log out to regain messages.