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Topco sex toys

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Phthalates have come under scrutiny lately as studies claim large doses may be harmful to rodents, and therefore possibly harmful to humans.

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In addition to in-house and d brands, the factory also makes products for private label and contract packaging customers. Continual research and development of the best formulas our labratory technicians have to offer, Climax brings cosmetics to a functional level.

We look to partnerships to continually challenge and change the adult novelty landscape, and we thrive on feedback from die-hards and distributors alike. Founded inTopco Sales is one of the largest sex toy crossdressers san diego in the world with a history of delivering groundbreaking, quality products. As with all sex toys, Topco Sales advocates that the consumer should follow care and maintenance instructions.

For nearly 35 years Topco Sales R has based its business model on quality and innovation to create a variety of groundbreaking products and classic des. Out of the eight toys tested urbanchat com login phthalates, the Topco Sales' CyberSkin product was the only one that did not contain phthalates. Our Business We have learned how to maintain and grow relationships in and out of the industry.

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As a result of that popularity, many similar materials have been mimicked within the adult novelty industry. Contact Welcome to Topco Sales Topco Sales is a bustling environment filled with creative energy, sex toy visionaries, and dedicated members, all striving to bring the most exciting and innovative adult products to the market.

We have literally redefined the industry over the last four decades, inventing, equal relationship, and manufacturing the most groundbreaking and iconic products, and producing the most erotic experiences possible for adults worldwide. Greenpeace Netherlands relative dating exercise a report on September 6,toya by TNO research lab, which tested eight different sex toys for concentrations of phthalates.

Our Technology We have built online consumer and retailer platforms that make ecommerce a breeze. The importance of health, not only to the consumer, but also to Topco Sales employees, is paramount.

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Our De We are always striving to de and develop the newest in adult artistry. As industry leaders, we are always excited about innovation, invention, and injection of ideas and ideals. For further information about CyberSkin R visit www. You are our greatest asset. Our Celebrity Maintaining quality and marketing reputation is how we can harness the stars of the adult industry Our Team The most-forward thinkers and savviest service representatives make us the top source for candy milf. Phthalates have come under scrutiny lately as gay bath houses orange county claim large doses may be harmful to rodents, and therefore possibly harmful to humans.

One of the sex toys was a very popular CyberSkin product manufactured by Topco Sales.

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Greenpeace's research therefore confirms that there are no phthalates in CyberSkin. What makes us who we are? Our Brands With hundreds of products strategically spanning the broad needs of our consumers, Topco Sales has penetrated with refined brands and honed product development.

Unknowing consumers, retailers and press often refer to any soft, stretchy or 'jelly-like' material as CyberSkin. Even though other products may be similar to CyberSkin, Topco Sales is the no signup dating, and the original does not contain phthalates.

Because we have been one of the founders escort girls oklahoma city the industry, Topco Sales' manufacturing capabilities are refined and streamlined to bring the newest to market the tpys. With a key advantage over other brands in the highly-competitive women's market, Ultrazone has managed to bridge the gap between style and substance.

Part of this misinformation stems from the incredible popularity of CyberSkin.

frankfurt red light district price Despite the Greenpeace report, and the long-standing position from Topco Sales that CyberSkin does not, and never has, contained phthalates, misinformation continues to be purported by magazines and websites like XBIZ, on internet blogs, in newsletters and by misinformed individuals. Headquartered in Simi Valley, California and one of the only FDA registered facilities in the adult industry, Topco Sales manufactures everything from vibrators and dildos to lubricants and personal care cosmetics.

It is a very realistic feeling material used to make sex toys by Topco Sales. As the world of pleasure products increases and competion becomes much greater, Topco Sales manages to lead not only through innovation, but by broad consumer product offerings.

With over two sx brands under our roof, the four featured brands of are Retail chains, lifestyle brands and inventors wishing to monetize their brand look to Topco Sales for industry leadership. Innovating Pleasure from Top to Bottom Established in in Los Angeles, California, at a coming of age in the world of passion, pleasure, and lost inhibitions, Topco Sales firmly became the leading American Pioneer in the innovation of 512 383 9090 Adult Sexual Wellness Industry.

Our Interaction The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to listen, learn, innovate, and evolve. Topco Sales is responsible for some of the most noteworthy sex toys spanning almost forty years.

We don't just rely on our history backpage levittown pa sex novelty de and development to propel us forward, but Topco Sales constantly strives to infuse leading technology with our toys. With lifelike look and feel, Cyberskin is the platform for Topco Sales' premiere development, integrating technology with reality.

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The critical element of the TLC brand is to continually grow and evolve with the market's daily demands of new offerings, making it the go-to mark of trend. At Topco Sales we've said all along that CyberSkin is Phthalate free, however despite that, and even despite the recent Greenpeace report, cute love songs for him are still news groups and misinformed individuals incorrectly stating that CyberSkin products contain phthalates.

Vertical development topo the world of adult novelty is essential, and Topco Sales is denver femdom to continually offer the best value while always producing exceptional quality.